Mega Spoilers!

Screen Times

1-How much screen time does each actor have

Stallone is very omnipresent. Lundgren would have the second most screen time. Statham has the third most amount. The rest is kind of equal amount. Norris and Willis have the least amount until the end.

2-How much screen time do Sly, Arnold & Willis share

It's more Willis and Arnold at the end. They're a tag team of sorts. Stallone's only with both for several minutes until he runs off to get Vilain.

3-At what point they play the credits (beginning like EX1 or end)

The end. You only get the EX II title with skull and guns after the intro. It's not subtle either. The skull thrusts onto the screen with the knives shoved into its eyes. The guns roll out with loud volume. It's a pretty epic title screen unlike the original. It's a statement of "This sequel is bigger, louder, and better."

4-In what order the actors are billed, same order than the poster?

The whole team kind of shows up all together at the beginning. It's the scene that involves the battering ram vehicles, and Statham on the .50 cal. That's the beginning of it.


5-How does Van Damme die

Metal chain wrapped around neck, and pulled into a knife. Decapitated and head placed in bag afterwards.

6-How does Hemsworth die

Adkins holds a knife to his chest. Van Damme kicks it in.

7-How does Adkins die

Statham knocks his head into a helicopter blade. Shreds it off in full glory.

Van Damme

8-How good is Van Damme's performance. According to Sly it's very good!

It's very subdued until the end where he becomes more playful with his aggression.

9-Is Van Damme an ex-Expendable


10-Does Van Damme do his kicks other than his fight with Sly

Just a high kick that puts the knife into Hemsworth's chest.

11-How long is the fight between Van Damme and Sly

10 minutes.

12-How long is the fight between Statham and Adkins

Only a few minutes.

Mission in Asia

13-What is the rescue mission in Asia about

Rescue Arnold, and Li needs to get his "prize" rescue.

14-Why does the EX team go to Asia to rescue Arnold

I think it's due to a botched rescue mission. I'll have to watch again to make sure.

15-Who is the guy the EX is carrying on the cable in the trailer

Li's prize rescue.


16-In which country does the mission ordered by Church take place

I can't entirely recall. It's not very important. Somewhere in Eastern Europe. It's to rescue info from a downed plane that had coordinates to a massive plutonium depot.

17-Why doesn't Li join the team in Eastern Europe

He needed to return his "prize" rescue to Asia. He's kind of his own. The film slyly suggests Li has his own team (which translates to HK action stars for III).

New Expendables

18-What is exactly Nan Yu's role

She's meant to keep an eye on the team for Church, and is well trained in martial arts/hacking. She comes in hand early on, but takes a backseat by the midway point.

19-How does Hemsworth join the team

It's not clear at first, but it's explained on the plane. He was sick of seeing his friends die from military protocol. He wanted to become a merc to bring the fight more directly. Stallone supposedly saw his supreme sniping skills, and hired him for long distance killing and recon.

Female Actors

20-Does Nikolette Noel have any screen time and at what point in the movie

Yes. At the end. You only see her once by herself. She's engaged to Hemsworth, and the team mails her a few hundred thousand with a some memorabilia of Hemsworth.

21-What role does Amanda Ooms play

She's one of the rebel women who can't fire worth *beep* The team helps them out on the way, because they're being chased by the same guys.

22-Is there any romance scene between Statham and Carpenter

Only at the beginning at a bar with the rest of the team. It's only for a short few minutes. She barely has any dialogue. Romance is kinda sidestepped in this one.


23-Who is Booker? how does he join the EX team

Booker is a legend amongst the merc community. A "lone wolf" they call him (heh). He works mostly on his own. He meets them at the half way point. They both have the same target I think.

24-Is there a scene where Arnold, Willis and Norris have a discussion on how to save the EX team from Van Damme's army

No. Stallone, Willis, and Arnold meet up 3/4 through to make a final plan to catch Vilain. Norris ghosts them from a distance.

25-Does Norris have any fight



26-Does Arnold join the EX at the end to pay his debt back for the rescue mission in Asia

He rescues them from a mine that Vilain caved in with explosives.

27-Why does Crews say to Arnold that he's terminated

It was a joke, because Arnold was getting his ass kicked before they showed up. He didn't know they were going to show up.

28-In what context does Arnold say "I'm back"

That's when he rescues the team from the mine.

Leads to EX3

29-Is there any surprise cameo


30-Any lead to EX3

Not entirely. Norris and Arnold might come back. Li has his own team. We'll see where they take it.