Well here we are, completing our tenth month publishing EX2 Blog bringing news & stories your way daily on the Expendables 2 (EX2) - since the idea was born and launched right after production started in Bulgaria. 

My main objective when I launched this blog back in November 2011 was to express my excitement, thoughts and writings in a web space dedicated to the movie of my childhood dream. I was blessed with a group of talented and passionate friends around the world who decided to help me source the latest news on EX2, some also helped write articles that have become popular among hard-core fans of action movies, and despite our faults, our heart was always in the right place.

The blog quickly gained a large fan base from more than 20 countries around the globe. I didn't launch EX2 Blog to receive any recognition, but we were grateful every time we did. We never aimed to monetize on our efforts or make fans believe some particular thing, we just wanted to be helpful and share our passion for the Expendables 2 movie.

They say all good things must come to an end. I suppose EX2 Blog now falls in that category after August 17 (North American Opening of EX2), as it is time to close this chapter of our lives and move on.

Our very last and final post will come your way some time in the future after EX3 is confirmed - like I said in my review of EX2, it did it for me, EX3 will be bonus, so I won't keep a blog on it - be sure to read and enjoy our Final post on EX3 in due time! 

Thanks, from the heart

As many of you know, EX2 Blog was only able to launch and stay afloat through the contribution of dedicated fans. I thank these individuals from the bottom of my heart - some who supported me from the beginning, some who came on towards the end. They include: Jean, Elrey, Gunter Backer & Mike Frenchy

And last but not least, thanks to all the fans of this blog who kept us going and gave us the motivation to make time in our busy lives to keep the news on EX2 flowing every day.

If you'd like to look back on our stories & articles, please note that this website will stay up. So, if you ever need your dose of EX2, you can always take a moment and read one of our posts.

We will really miss you, but please know I'm around and do not hesitate to stay in touch.

I wish you, always, peace, love and "good action" in your lives, and enjoy EX3!