Lundgren Confirms "R", it wasn't Norris nor Stallone

According to Empire in an interview with Lundgren, he has confirmed that EX2 "it's now R again". He further added that "Stallone's basic setting is to make it very violent. That's just in his personality, and if it was me I would do the same."

Norris had first started the PG-13 rumor as he claimed not to want to make movies that had hard language in them, convincing the EX2 producers to tone the movie down to PG-13. Later Stallone confirmed the rumor through AICN which led to one of the biggest fan protests against the producers & Stallone. But, Dolph revealed in his interview that it was "actually a moot point for Norris, who has his own unique way of making his films accessible anyway. Chuck likes to re-cut all of his films before he shows them to his kids. He told me he has his own editor. So it's irrelevant! He could make it a G-rating if he wanted to!"
So if what Lundgren says about Norris is true, it confirms what the Blog had reported back in January when Norris gave his interview in Poland: he wasn't the one puling the strings but the producers instead. Norris was simply taking advantage of the situation to promote his new boyscout image. This is what Lundgren had to say about the producers confirming Norris wasn't really behind the decision: "I guess the producers figure they can make another $50m if it's PG-13, and if it was my money I might say the same thing! But I think for the fans, if it's tougher it's better." 

The PG-13 nightmare seems to be all behind us, and thanks to Stallone it seems, who was able to convince the producers back to R. Stallone went from hero to sellout back to hero again in just 2 months!

Thanks to Legend of Chuck Norris for tweeting the News!