EX2 Blog Is Back

So here we are, almost two months after we ceased EX2 Blog's activities to protest against the proposed PG-13 rating of the Expendables 2 movie, I officially announce the EX2 Blog's come back, as promised. 

Ceasing EX2 Blog's activities was our way of joining the EX fan community to take action against the PG-13 rating of EX2 in order to push studios to release the movie with an R rating. It was a very hard decision but we did it for the EX fans who were angry and outraged by the PG-13 decision of studios who had chosen money & greed over the very fan base that had made the first movie so successful.

Over the past two months we have witnessed one of the largest levels of a fan community active participation to protest against a decision made by a movie studio. And fans triumphed and their perseverance was rewarded with a message by the key figure of the EX franchise, Stallone himself who despite having been labeled as a "Sellout" by fans has shown courage to announce through his no 1 fan site that EX2 "is an R".

Stallone's unofficial communique has not been further confirmed by any other official source but neither has it been denied. We could by now assume that permission to release EX2 with an R rating has been granted.

Congratulations to all the fans who believed in making this happen and fought consistently by making their voice heard on a number of forums and websites, by sending open letters to Stallone and the producers, by making posters and videos to encourage the movement, by dedicating their websites to allow fans to speak out...

It's been a remarkable movement and victory is well deserved.

I'd like to finish my first come back article with an amusing smile of the lead actress of EX2, Yu Nan. And Viva EX2-R.