More On Which EX Might Die First - Minor Spoiler Possible

I usually don't post pictures of stunt doubles unless there is a good story behind it. Well here I think we might have a new element that would slightly change our theory about Couture's character's fate in EX2. This picture seems to be showing Couture's double at the airport scene which we believe to be the movie's finale, the last battle that also involves Schwarzenegger, Willis & Norris in addition to the EX team (minus the one that is savagely killed by the villains in the course of the movie). 

In our Anatomy of the EX2 Plot we initially thought that Couture's character would die before the airport battle since there was no evidence of his presence on set while the scenes were being shot at the airport. This picture shows that he must have actually been there since his double was on set with Lundgren's. So maybe his character doesn't die before the airport battle but we still think he might during the final battle. 
Another one of our assumptions that becomes stronger is the fate of Hemsworth's charterer who we believe is the EX to be viciously killed by the villains and avenged by the rest of the EX team. The filming in HK did not show any indication that Li's character would die in the movie and the fact that Hemsworth did not film any scenes in HK nor in Bulgaria during the shooting of the airport scenes is a very strong indication that his character is the one on the line of fire. This is only what we think and it's of course open for discussion.