Willis, Stallone and Schwarzenegger Share a Fight Scene

Bulgarian news websites have been reporting over the weekend the death of bats from the famous cave where EX2 shot some of their scenes. One website also published a couple of pictures that were not seen before.

The 1st one goes back to the airport scenes where Willis, Stallone and Schwarzenegger doubles can be seen firing at the bad guys. It's not confirmed yet whether the battle at the airport is the opening or closing scene. We usually don't post photos of the stunt doubles but we thought this one was important since we can now assume that there could be some explosive scenes where the trio is fighting beside each other and we couldn't ask for more.
The 2nd picture is from the scenes where Norris, Lundgren and Stallone had filmed together in what looked like an old ravaged town. A few pictures were released back then, this is one of them and was missing in the collection. Nan & Stallone can bee seen walking through the town.